AIDE Project in Horizon 2020 Project

Portal (issue seven) July 2015

“The gift of assistance” Navigating everyday life is something most people take for granted, but there are those who need assistance with basic tasks. The AIDE project works to bring independence to people with disabilities.


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15 July 2015

Workshop “Assistive Technologies and Neuro-rehabilitation”, February 18th



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18 February 2015

Kick-off meeting February 18-19th, 2015, Elche, Spain

The dedicated agenda was:

Welcome (UMH)- Nicolás García Aracil
Presentation of each partner (5 minutes per partner)
General Review of Technical Work Program (UMH)
Review of Technical Work Program by the relevant WP Leaders:
WP2: Requirements And System Specifications (UMH)
WP3: Modular Architecture For The Multimodal Interface (Università Campus Biomedico di Roma)
WP4: Multimodal Sensory Processing For The Estimation Of User’s Intention And Affective State (EKUT)
WP5: User Behaviour Detection And Context Factor Analysis (UPV)
WP6: Shared Human-Machine Control Of Assistive Devices (SSSA)
WP7: System Integration (UMH)
WP8: Experimental Validation In Different Application Scenarios (CEDAR)
During this meeting, a general review of the technical work program was performed. The meeting has been mainly focused in the work program of the first year.

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18 February 2015