Project Overview

The AIDE concept goes beyond the current state of the art in using a novel modular multimodal perception system to customize an adaptive multimodal interface towards disabled people needs. The multimodal interface will analyse and extract relevant information from the identification of residual abilities, behaviours, emotional state and intentions of the user, from analysis of the environment and from context factors. Finally, the humanEmachine cooperative system will be designed in accordance with specific user needs. A series of applications for the AIDE system have been identified across several domains in which disabled people could greatly benefit:

  1. Communication: The main objective is to improve the communication of severely disabled people for social autonomy. The user will be assisted in communicating with her/his relatives and friends. Communication will be provided by using standard Internet services, such as email, Skype  and  whatsapp  and  standard  social  networks (i.e., Facebook and Twitter). The developed system will provide support for web browsing as well.
  2. Home Automation: The goal is to allow severely disabled people to interact with the devices   present   at   their   smart   home   environments.   In   short,   the   user   will   be supported by AIDE multimodal interaction system in daily activities, such as turning lights, radio and television off and on, answering or initiating telephone calls, lock or unlock a door, closing or opening drapes, changing environmental settings and in medical  emergency  situations.
  3. Wearable robots  for  assisting  in  ADL: adaptively and dynamically modify the level of assistance provided  by the intelligent robotic exoskeleton  in  accordance with specific user needs.
  4. Entertainment: Severely impaired people have reported that participation in normal entertainment activities, like playing a computer game or watching a movie, as an important need. Thus, a main objective is to support the user in  playing  computer games, in expressing his/her feelings, in  playing  music  and/or  engaging  in  painting and so on.



16 September 2016