Management Structure


The partners of the Consortium have been carefully selected in order to provide the AIDE research team with a solid set of scientific competences adequate to the level of ambition of the project. They are accustomed to work cooperatively, and all of them have been involved in previous European Projects.

The Consortium has chosen the following main bodies to implement the organisational structure of the project:

  •  The overall Project Coordinator (PC) will be implemented by the Project Partner UMH, to provide the necessary support for project management reporting  activities  to  the European  Commission;
  • The Management Board (MB) will act as the strategic decisionOmaking body of the Consortium;
  •  The Executive Board (EB) will act as the supervisory body for the project execution. This board shall report and be accountable to the Management Board;The individual Work package Management Teams (WMT) will be in charge of managing all day-to-day activities, including technical work and reporting to the Executive Board.
  •  The International Advisory Board (IAB) will include  senior  members  of  the  consortium and a few external members of high scientific relevance in the international research scenario. The IAB will provide the PC with consultancy on technical and management activities for further empowering the efficiency of the project coordination and management.



Each Work Package Leader will be in charge of her/his team. The work package teams may subdivide tasks to one or more partners in the Consortium. An overview of the consortium project management structure is presented in Figure.

5 May 2015